Ultimate Finish Overspray RemovaL



Ultimate Finish has...

..proudly served the greater Phoenix area since 2001. Now we’re expanding and proud to be serving the greater southwest as the leaders in quality overspray removal. Whether it’s large insurance claims or individuals affected by overspray of any type, including: Urethane, paint, epoxy, industrial or ecological fallout, and even vandalism. no matter the problem, we’ll take care of it.


We’re Mobilized...

..To be on site and get the problem handled quickly. We strive to bring the best possible service for those affected, as well as to the at fault party; Thus creating a seamless experience for both parties involved. Every car is checked in, carefully gone over by trained professionals, and given a comprehensive walk around with the vehicles’ owner.

Contact us about Overspray Removal @ 480-375-0113


We’re Hands on…

… and involved in the refinishing, reconditioning, and paint correction fields since 2001, we’re BASF certified refinishing technicians, and this background allows us to better understand a vehicles factory finish, this combined with wisdom of daily hands on work, now for nearly 2 decades, we are true industry leaders with continued education on the latest technology available for all aspects of the process, with the highest quality products available, don’t settle for a job half done.